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Ladies of the Knight

2021-09-28T11:02:28-04:00September 28th, 2021|Categories: Film and Television|

As J.R.R.Tolkien wished to write a myth for the English people, George Lucas wanted to create a myth for the American people. Tolkien gave us Lord of the Rings. Lucas the Star Wars saga. To compare the two is a kind of critical blasphemy since Tolkien’s work is so far superior, however every comparison is also [...]

Real Men Needed

2021-09-24T09:37:46-04:00September 23rd, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Some time ago at a conference for priests we were sitting around the lunch table swapping stories about weddings and marriage discipline and the subject of the "marriage" of people with same sex attraction arose. The impossibility of this was agreed but one priest pointed out that this was not the only difficulty facing Catholic priests [...]

Blogging or Fiction?

2021-09-23T07:56:33-04:00September 23rd, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Readers of this blog may have noticed a marked decline in quantity of blog posts. They have not yet begun a search for a missing blogger, but I have not been idle. Most of you will remember that I suffered a slight stroke back in January of this year. This had an impact on my typing [...]

Holy Martyrs Cornelius and Cyprian

2021-09-16T13:42:13-04:00September 16th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

The lives of these two shed light on the role of our bishop and especially the Pope in every age. In the third century the church was divided over the Novatian heresy. Novatian was a Roman priest who stood up against the rightfully elected pope Cornelius because he thought Cornelius was too liberal in his treatment [...]

Scientism and the Sacraments

2021-09-13T11:54:13-04:00September 13th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Scientism is the mask of atheism that states that no knowledge is possible that is not scientifically verified. In. my new book Beheading Hydra I point out that this is a mask of atheism because it follows logically from materialism--the belief that there is no reality other than this physical material world. There is no heaven, no [...]

On Writing Fiction and Divine Providence

2021-09-07T14:02:47-04:00September 7th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a marked decline in the number of blog posts. For more than fifteen years I have been writing blog posts here and articles for a range of websites, journals and papers. This sort of small scale journalism is rewarding but time consuming. It has been supplemented with the [...]

On Emotion in Religion

2021-08-30T10:33:45-04:00August 30th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

I was brought up in Evangelical Protestantism which has always been strong on individualistic religious experience, and often that experience was highly emotional, and whenever the emotions are involved, manipulation of some sort is always around the corner. We've all experienced the emotional blackmail imposed within families: "All I've done for you and this is the [...]

Are Leprechauns Imaginary?

2021-08-25T17:58:03-04:00August 25th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Some woke folk are getting down on Notre Dame University because of their famous "Fightin'Irish" leprechaun mascot. The article is here. When I tweeted a wisecrack about this someone commented that it couldn't be offensive since leprechauns are imaginary. This reminded me of something I read in the diaries of the nineteenth century English country parson [...]

Read the Introduction to my new book

2021-08-21T12:02:33-04:00August 21st, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Read the introduction to my new book Beheading Hydra: A few years ago, when we were on family vacation at Myrtle Beach I dared the kids to go through one of those walk-through spook houses with me. It was terrifying fun. We had to feel our way through dark corridors where most any sort of horror [...]

A Cry from Converts: Where’s the Fellowship?

2021-08-20T10:29:07-04:00August 20th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Here in the Bible Belt we have a steady flow of converts from the various Protestant denominations. They have various difficulties in adapting to the Catholic Church and one of their grumbles is "Where's the fellowship?" I feel their pain. The fellowship, camaraderie, esprits de corps etc in the Protestant churches is usually strong and one [...]

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