OK. A few posts ago I did a little rant about awful Catholic music. Why do Anglican and Lutheran converts sigh and moan and grin and bear it? Why do we complain about sentimental ditties, bad folk music, poor hymns and just plain awful crap music at Mass?

Have a little listen to this Christmas carol sung by the choir of King’s College Cambridge. The words by Christina Rossetti are sublime and simple and moving and sweet. The music by English composer Harold Darke fits the music perfectly and the combination is, well, out of this world.

So then add to the mix that I was Chaplain to the choir school at Kings College Cambridge for two years. I worked and travelled with the choir, went to Evensong in the chapel daily, celebrated Holy Communion and lived the liturgical year in such a place, and you’ll understand why maybe sometimes, just a little bit…one becomes nostalgic.

Especially at Christmas.