The BBC is supposed to be one of the world’s finest news organizations, priding itself in objective, balanced and fair reporting. Check out this article on the recent Anglican/ECUSA episcopal consecrations in Africa to see how biased the BBC’s reporting is. This article is typical.

Having lived in England for 25 years, I can testify to the constant and universal bias of the BBC. It claims to be free from state control, and while it is not controlled by the political parties, it is essentially the mouthpiece of the secular, humanistic state, and because it is not controlled by any one political party, it’s monolithic power is even more overwhelming. It transcends political influence.

Think the crude, single state propaganda machine of Soviet Russia, but with all the money, gloss high technology and subtlety of American media giants.

Did you know that in the UK it is illegal for Christians to own and operate their own national level radio or TV stations? The BBC make sure the licensing authorities do not grant such licenses.

It gives me the creeps.