If you have never been on a pilgrimage you need to plan one now.

I used to be cynical about pilgrimages thinking they were simply expensive holidays for pious people.

jp2After I went on my first pilgrimage, however, I realized that there are special graces unlocked when you go on pilgrimage.

You travel with fellow Catholics. You live together for a few days, share stories and fellowship, share meals, laughter, worship and prayers.

You learn an immense amount about your faith as you travel because usually you are accompanied by a priest or professor or both. They, along with your tour guides teach you amazing things about your faith.

Then you have the learning experience of fellowshipping not only with your fellow pilgrims, but the saints whose locations you visit.

Last summer when I went to Italy I was walking in the footsteps of St Francis, praying on the site of the birthplace of St Benedict, visiting the hometown of St Rita and much more. As you see the countryside and visit the locations the lives of the saints come alive in your life.

There is more: as you visit the foreign country you are sharing in the spiritual heritage of that country. It is one thing to visit museums, castles, churches and art galleries. It is great to sample the food, do some shopping and soak up the atmosphere of another country, but when you go on pilgrimage you do all that and much more: You connect with the spiritual heritage of the place.

Have I convinced you? Why not come and join me members of our parish on my mercy pilgrimage to Poland next Spring?

PolandWe have a fantastic tour planned visiting places associated with Pope St John Paul II, St Faustina, St Maximilian Kolbe and more…

Among other sites we will be visiting:

Warsaw: Church of St. Anna, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Wawel Castle Czestochowa: the Black Madonna, Jasna Gora Monastery
Auschwitz: St. Maximilian Kolbe
Niepokalanow: Franciscan Monastery, St. Maximilian Kolbe

Swinice Warckie: St. Faustina
Wadowice: birthplace of St. John Paul II
Zakopane: Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima
Wieliczka: Salt Mine & Church of St. Kinga
Krakow: sites related to St. John Paul II, Wawel Cathedral, Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy 

Now is the time to sign up. Go here to download an online brochure.