The population of Big Brother Britain is already the most ‘watched’ group of people in the world. Visit Britain and you’ll notice CCTV cameras everywhere. Speed trap cameras which wouldn’t be tolerated in USA are an accepted part of the landscape, and now the British police are planning to use high altitude, high definition spy drones— to keep an even closer eye on their people. This is in addition to the remote controlled helicopter drones they already have in use.(pictured above)

The Labor Government in Britain–like every left wing government– is filled with do-gooders who like nothing better than to make up some new law which will usher in their Utopia. At the same time, the recent expenses scandal among the same group of politicians has shown them to be about as corrupt and self serving as possible.

After presiding over a decade in which Britain’s rate of teenaged STDs, teen pregnancy and teen abortion has skyrocketed, these lefty loonies are insisting on yet more sex education for children. Not only that, but they are forcing faith schools to provide sex education and parents will not be allowed to have their children opt out. You can read the article here. Fr Finigan comments on these developments with quotes and links to more on this important development.

The conservatives have put in an amendment that faith schools may provide this sex education within the context of their faith tradition, but go here to discover what that means: the government minister gives an example of a Catholic high school which teaches the ‘Catholic view’ about contraception and abortion, and then brags that the school nurse provides STD tests, contraceptives and information about access to abortion for teens.

There are several things which are amazingly crazy about these trends. First of all, the British don’t seem to be aware (or if they are aware they don’t mind) that their country is rapidly turning into a police state. The typical comment is, “Well, if you don’t break the law you have nothing to fear.” They actually trust the police that much??!!

The second thing is about their passion for the panacea of “sex education”. It parades itself as happy, healthy and wholesome, when in fact it’s all rather sordid and creepy. Lots of adults talking sex to kiddies all the time?? Yucch.

Then there is the obvious conclusion that all this sex education simply doesn’t work. Teen pregnancies, teen abortions, teen suicides, teen STDs are out of control in Britain. When is someone going to put two and two together and realize that maybe all this ‘value free’ sex education is the cause–not the cure.

Get teens together. Tell them that it is okay for them to have as much sex as they want with whomever they want and they shouldn’t feel guilty and the only responsibility they have is to practices ‘safe sex’ and then get an abortion if they need one…Then you’re surprised when you’ve got teen sex problems? Duuh. One British Mom said to me, “My sixteen year old son can’t even pick up his socks and underwear and put them in the washbasket. After a few drinks, and feeling randy he’s supposed to remember to put on a rubber whatsit??”

I expect what they’ll do next is combine the aggressive policing with their aggressive sex education programs. I can just see it. PC Stalin has a report from his spy drone that a teen party is about to happen at 29a Porkrind Road. Suddenly, a band of robust English women in white coats from the PSSST (Police Safe Sex Surveillance Team) jump out of unmarked vans to swoop down on a teen party and arrest all those who are not practicisng ‘safe sex.’ The offenders will be marched off to a ‘re-training camp’ where they will have to endure Basil Fawlty giving them hygiene lessons.

UPDATE: This article reports a drop in Britain’s teen pregnancy rates. What it neglects to tell us is how this drop was achieved. I suspect the drop in teen pregnancies is directly correlated to a rise in teen abortions. However, if someone can correct me I’d be delighted to hear about it.