A cache of previously unpublished reviews by the famous film critic (and would be Catholic bishop) Dickie Williamson has recently come to light. Here’s his take on that notorious film Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins is a blasphemous mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not only does she have the same name as the Blessed Virgin, but the Hollywood Jewish media men mock her with the silly name ‘Poppins.’ ‘Pop in’ is exactly what she does. In a stunning and disgusting reversal of the Blessed Virgin’s assumption into heaven, Mary ‘Poppins’ descends from the sky. When does she do this? When the wind changes–thus symbolizing the relativist, subjective nature of her philosophy. She goes with the times. She follows ‘every wind of doctrine.’ She changes her tune (and very pretty tunes they are too) whenever she wishes.

And what is her ‘tune’? That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. The modernists are always trying to sugar the pill of Catholic truth. The Catholic Church demands obedience, self sacrifice, physical mortification and ultimate martyrdom. The Mary Poppins modernists call for us to be nice people, social workers, people who are cute and cuddly and don’t mind getting into bed with the Protestants and Jews and Liberals.

Avoid this film my dear people. I say this for the good of your souls and the souls of your children. Mary Poppins is a home wrecker. See how she interferes in the perfectly suitable English home where mother is already occupied with a good cause and Father is busy earning a respectable living for his family? Instead she has them out flying kites! The height of irresponsibility! The film shows her flying away at the end, but mark my words, she’ll be back. This evil witch will be back to seduce both the father and the son and corrupt the mother and the daughter with her wicked ways.

And furthermore, Julie Andrews once got a ticket for a parking violation…