queen of angels

Queen of Angels and Queen of the May

Catholic praise God that the Blessed Virgin Mary is higher than any other created being.

Higher than the angels even.

That’s why one of her titles is Queen of Angels

But why is she exalted above all others? Because she was unique. No other created being was so intimate with God that she bore his Son into the world.

Remember we say she is the highest of all created beings.

She’s not higher than Jesus because he is the only begotten Son of the Father, One in Being with the Father and therefore he was “begotten not made.”

This long article from the archived articles section of the blog during Mary’s month of May explains how to answer an Evangelical Christian who argues that Catholics simply exalt Mary too much and can’t get his head around why Mary is so important for Catholics.

Take time to read the whole thing and learn more about Mary for Mary’s month.

Go here to read.