Tragic. Read this story of an un-necessary death of a boy who belonged to a faith healing Christian sect called the Followers of Christ.
Second death in the same family. The first death was a toddler whose parents didn’t pursue medical treatment for a condition easily cured. Now the toddler’s uncle–a sixteen year old  boy has not just died, but died a long and painful death due to urethra infection that could have been treated simply with a catheter.
The Followers of Christ are a charismatic, fundamentalist sect. You can read about them at this Wikkipedia link. 
Here’s an excerpt: It appears the un-necessary deaths of children is quite a commonplace thing for these folks.

During the latter part of the twentieth century, the church began to attract attention from authorities in the state of Oregon due to an unusally-high mortality rate among its children. Larry Lewman, a former medical examiner in the state, alleges that during a ten-year period twenty-five children perished due to the lack of medical intervention — a death rate 26 times higher than among the general population. An investigation by The Oregonian claimed that 21 out of 78 minors found to be buried in the church cemetery died of preventable causes, including simple infections which would be easily treated with routine antibiotics.