This article from the Daily Telegraph highlights the problem of single teenaged mums in Britain. The UK is now the teen pregnancy capital of Europe. 

This news comes on the back of a report which states that a multi million pound government program to help reduce teen pregnancies has actually helped them to double. A grim report here.

If this isn’t enough, the journalist from the first piece thinks the teen pregnancy problem is the result of the British being prudish about sex on the one hand, and the class system there which rewards indigence and lack of personal responsibility.
This was not my experience living in Britain. I didn’t find the British particularly prudish at all. On the contrary, by the time I left Britain I found them downright vulgar in their crude language, coarse television and film, and behavior generally. The British youths on beach holidays in Spain and Greece and France were known for the crudest kinds of public drunkenness and lewd behavior. The British tabloid newspapers featured nude pin ups every day, and the general coarse sexual behavior was taken for granted. Neither was it simply a crude lower class thing. The middle classes were just as immoral, they were just less public about it. The English middle classes simply got drunk on champagne and spirits rather than beer, and ‘had sex’ with whoever they liked behind closed doors.
Therefore both reasons for the present state of Britain are specious. The journalist never observes that the real problem of immorality is ummm, the lack of moral standards, and of course the lack of moral standards can only be sensibly maintained with a religion that teaches such things. 
But I guess that would be a stretch for a poor, ignorant Oxford educated English journalist.