exterior GRV 02.04.2014 smallFor the last three months, off and on I have been commenting here on my blog about the beautiful new church we are planning to build in our parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville, SC

To make our financials work, by the end of the year we needed to raise $650K

The readers of this blog were invited to donate instantly via PayPal.

I was shocked and delighted to learn that through these appeals over $11K was raised for our Building Fund.

At Christmas we took special collections for the new church and brought in an amazing $50K

On New Year’s Eve the counters told me we were just $16K short of our target.

That day the rest of the donations came in and we reached our target by 6pm on January 31.

This means our financials work and we should be able to move forward to ground breaking in the late Spring or early summer.

I thank you and the people of Our Lady of the Rosary parish thank you for taking part in this enterprise.

As I have said, our parish is only about 520 families. The fact that they have done so well and with so little outside help is a witness to their faith, hard work and perseverence.