I’ve had this new idea for Catholics to evangelize. We are getting these holy cards with a Catholic image on the front, and we’re printing Bible verses on the back. Then we get the folks in the parish to purchase them and hand them out like Evangelicals hand out gospel tracts.

You keep a few of these in the glove compartment or your wallet or purse, then when you’re at a restaurant you leave it along with the tip (better leave a generous tip though!). At the drive through you hand one to the gal at the cash register. At the supermarket you ask if they would like a holy card.

An example would be: Jesus picture with the chalice and host, and on the back it says, “Jesus said, ‘This is my body. Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man you do not have life within you.” Another one would be a holy card of the Blessed Mother with the texts on the back: Jesus said, “Behold your Mother…Honor Your Father and your Mother.” Mary said, “All generations shall call me blessed.”

I think it is a good idea. Now all we have to do is get Catholics up off their lazy backsides to do something about it!