depressionMy latest blog post for National Catholic Register looks at the pains that are necessary for real and lasting change to take place.

Many of us are trapped in a cycle of lust and shame. We’re trapped in a downward spiral of a dead end job, a loveless marriage or an inner dynamic of rage, bitterness, anger and blame. It doesn’t have to be that way. It really doesn’t have to be that way if we profess to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The help is available if we really want to embrace the possibility of change.
Human help is available through Catholic social networks, support groups, prayer groups and parish pastoral care. More importantly, supernatural help is available through the graces we receive in the sacraments, prayer, meditation and being involved in the corporal works of mercy. The more we live the dynamic Catholic life the more the other changes we long for being to happen in our lives.
The change, however, is not instant and it is not easy. There is a price for positive and permanent change. The price is pain. We have to make an effort and exert ourselves. Along with God’s grace and mercy we need self discipline, perseverance and support.

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