healthHere is my latest article for Aleteia which encourages us to get spiritually fit in the new year.

After the holiday feasting I’m ready to sign up at the gym. Crammed with Christmas cake and candy, and stuffed like the turkey, I am, like my waistband, overflowing with good intentions and new year resolve. I’d join the gym, except that I’m embarrassed to stand in line with the rest of the flagging and flabby holiday crowd for the torture of the treadmill and those weight machines that remind me of the medieval rack and rope.

Surveys show that 80 percent of people who join the gym in January quit by June. In fact, 4 percent don’t make it past January, and 14 percent more drop out by the end of February. At least they got up and endured the public humiliation of joining the gym in January. I never even make it that far. Instead, I sit at home and wonder how it might be possible to lose weight and get fit without the effort of exercise or the distress of dieting. So I pick up my Bible and ponder again two of my favorite verses, I Timothy 5:23, “Take a little wine for your stomach’s sake” and I Timothy 4:8, “Bodily exercise is of little profit.”

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