clintonandabortionPart of this week’s leaked email release features an exchange from Clinton team members about “conservative Catholicism”.

This article from Catholic News Agency reports on the comments.

What is frightening about these ideologues is that their ignorance is always combined with arrogance. They clearly know very little about Catholicism, but they deride it and despise it all the same.

Even more disturbing–they express their disgust for Catholicism not because it is Catholicism and not because they have even an inkling of understanding about Catholicism, but because the religion is held by two people who they oppose politically.

They don’t seem to have a clue that a true Catholic is neither conservative or liberal, left or right. Instead Catholics will be “conservative” on moral and family matters while seeming to be “liberal” on economic and social justice matters.

If only we could have a truly Catholic party that built its platform on Catholic social teaching.

Oh wait. We do. It’s called the American Solidarity Party. Go here to learn more.

Image Creative Commons via Bing