The news today is that DC Comics’ Green Lantern superhero is being ‘re-booted’ as a homosexual. This follows last year’s Archie comic featuring a homosexual union.

Using the comics as propaganda is nothing new. In fact, there are very few of the funnies that are funny anymore–they’re all uploaded with some sort of left wing, feminist, homosex propaganda sermon.

It’s easy to stomp and huff and puff and blow the house down, but what good does it do?

I, for one, am so weary of the relentless homosex propaganda onslaught–the passive/aggressive techniques they use (one minute whimpering about being victims and the next minute crashing rocks through church windows or making death threats) the lies, the bullying, the manipulation, blackmail and buying votes.

Battling against it is like battling the Balrog.

Maybe we should simply stand up against it with mockery. The problem is, if we paint them as limp wristed pansies mincing about in tight pants and have a good old guffaw they’d revel in it. They like camping it up, and they love an audience.

Maybe it’s best to just ignore the whole thing and stick with Superman and Batman.