Christian student groups at Vanderbilt University have run afoul of the university’s non-discriminatory policies. You can read about controversy here. What I find chilling is the university spokesperson saying that they “are working with the student groups to achieve compliance.” Apart from the fact that ‘achieving compliance’ is a pretty awful turn of phrase…(do you comply or ‘achieve compliance’?) It also sounds creepy–like some kind of Big Brother euphemistic official-speak.

“I am happy to say Sir, that with the use of enhanced interrogation techniques we have achieved compliance with Comrade Florsheim.”

Now, far be it from me to suggest that these draconian, politically correct methods might one day be used against Christians, or that we should ever, in our enlightened society even come close to persecution of Christians…oh, it was Christians being hounded already by the intelligentsia? I’m sure it’s just an isolated incident, and it was, after all, reported by Fox News and we know how biased and right wing they are…

Just sayin’.