Watch this and pass it on. When you view a video like this you realize that the secularists are not really concerned about stopping AIDS in Africa. What they’re really looking for is a cure for AIDS that will still allow people to be sexually promiscuous.

This is a result of the contraceptive culture. It’s like, “C’mon, we’ve solved the little problem that sometimes women get pregnant when you have sex. So we’ve got the pill and contraception and abortion. Problem solved. Venereal disease? No problem. We’ve got antibiotics. STDs? No big deal. We can treat those. Condoms for AIDS? Yeah, they don’t work too hot, but it’s the best we can do. Abstinence??? Self discipline??? Faithfulness in Marriage??? One sexual partner for life??? Listen, that’s just no do-able.”

In other words, we’ve come to believe that we can take care of any unwanted consequences of sexual promiscuity, and we just can’t get our heads around the idea that we can’t solve this AIDS thing quite so easily. So they don’t really want a cure for AIDS. They want a cure for AIDS that also allows totally free sexual activity.

H/T Fr Ray Blake