I was astounded to read this comment from a Catholic on my post about confession:

You mean, you still do confessions ? How quaint ! I haven’t been since the priest started to take an inordinate interest in my pubescent mastabatory experiences. I thought it was kind of odd then, and I think it’s kind of odd now. I much prefer the communal penance services. My personal sins are so venal [sic] and small (even though you might think of some of them as mortal) compared to the wickedness and sinfulness of society, including the Church.

Let’s do a little discussion group exercise. What sins do you see displayed in this statement? Are they serious sins? Is this person correct that his sins are ‘venal and small’? Has he fallen into theological error? If so, what error is it? Does he have the correct understanding of the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation? Is his (and his priest’s) practice of confession correct?

Answers in the combox please!