Slubgrip-single with shadowOne of the most shocking things about sending our kids to campus is that there are not only a host of worldly temptations, but there are many schools in which part of the freshman curriculum is a course that is designed to undermine and destroy the Christian faith.

One of our local graduates came back from her freshman year saying that her professor said right up front, “It is my job to remove once and for all any Sunday School notions about religion you might have. Until you have the blinkers of your religious prejudice removed you cannot go on to think for yourself and receive a decent education.”

The entire course, therefore was an attempt to undermine, destroy and totally wreck their religious beliefs.

Anti-Christian philosophies are woven in and through our secular American society in a multitude of ways we don’t even notice. It’s the air we breathes. It’s the wallpaper.

One of the parish missions I conduct talks about the “Attack of the Ism’s” and helps ordinary parishioners to confront and understand these philosophical issues in our society that undermine and weaken the Catholic faith.

After leading missions like this I am invariably asked if I had written a book on the subject–something they could give their teens and college aged students.

So I wrote my new book for Lent, Slubgrip Instructs. Slubgrip the demon has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University.

Through this method–a kind of anti-University–I’ve been able to communicate the various forms of secular relativism in a way that is accessible and entertaining.

Slubgrip goes through the different “ism’s” as if he’s teaching them to a group of lazy college students.

To keep the interest and to add entertainment value on the weekends his classroom is taken over by a collection of zany, eccentric, funny and sinister tempters.

Slubgrip Instructs will be out at the beginning of February, but it is available now on special offer for the month of January at a reduced price. Special bulk rates are available if you want to buy some for classroom use, parish use or reading group.

The book is also available as an e-book. Go here to learn more.