PF smilesIs that your fault or his fault?

Whenever I write explaining why I like Pope Francis the com boxes are filled with the most amazing negativities.

The complainer send me emails too, and I wonder if they have stopped to read what they have written before hitting the “Send” button.

Who are these people who set themselves up as knowing more than the pope?

I admit that some things Pope Francis has done have made me worried.

I know many Catholics are uncomfortable by his free ranging, unpredictable style.

When I’m feeling nervous about Pope Francis I step back and remind myself why I’m Catholic in the first place.

I converted to the Catholic faith because I really believed that God’s power came to earth through Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God established a church on earth and that Peter was the rock on which it was founded. I really did believe that God spoke today through the successors of the apostles and most especially through the Bishop of Rome–the successor of Peter.

Therefore, I step back and when I am inclined to criticize the pope I ask myself what God is trying to teach me through this pope. What can I learn? What is God trying to hammer through this thick skull of mine through his servant Pope Francis?

I began to learn this lesson during the ten years that I was a Catholic layman in England. I had left the Anglican Church. I wanted to be a Catholic priest, but my own bishop was a liberal who did not want any former Anglicans ordained. This was because he was in favor of women priests and we had left the Church of England over this very issue.

Some of my friends suggested that I go bishop shopping. They said I should look for another bishop who would ordain me.

I refused.

I said, “I became a Catholic because I believe God speaks to me through the bishops who are the successors of the apostles and my bishop has said ‘No’ to my being ordained so ‘i am going to obey him even though I think he’s a jerk.”

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