We had a beautiful celebration of the Solemnity of St Joseph today at St Joseph’s Catholic School. Incense, Sung Mass, Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei, ‘For All the Saints’ for the processional and ‘O God Beyond All Praising’ to finish– sung to the magnificent tune Thaxted by Gustav Holst.

(That’s my oldest son Benedict behind me)

The homily was in praise of fathers. I think the Catholic Church should keep St Joseph’s Day as Father’s Day instead of that one in June which was thought up by the Hallmark Card company or some such. St Joseph is such a wonderful friend, patron and gentleman. A true father for us all.

I can’t stand when patriarchy is attacked. Has anyone ever picked up the fact that radical feminism is basically and essentially a philosophical infringement of the fourth commandment? How can you honor your father if you hate patriarchy? What people don’t seem to understand is that every philosophy or political ideology eventually comes down to how we treat real people. If you hate patriarchy you must hate fathers. If you hate fathers you must hate your own father.

If you hate your father how can you love men, for every man is a potential father. This is where the feminists who declare their hatred for all men are actually being honest. They’ve followed their logic home.

Those who do pretend to love men don’t love men at all, they love men they have remade in their own image: castrated men–men who have become feminized. Either that or they love boys–men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility. Little boys (of whatever age) who they can continue to mother. If not these two options, then they love adolescent boys (of whatever age) who only ever respond to their own stunted and stubborn adolescence with a similar immaturity, sentimentality and selfishness.