Yesterday here in Greenville, South Carolina we had a mini-pilgrimage for Divine Mercy Sunday. About 300 Catholics met to walk along Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit trail from County Hall to St Mary’s Church where our local Jubilee Holy Door is located. About another 200 people were gathered at the church.

divinemercy4Here’s a picture of the procession.

When we got to the church we set up the image and waited until everyone got there. I then gave some instructions for going through the Holy Door and led a prayer before going in, getting seated and praying the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Here are two more pics from that moment. In one I am pictured just to the right of the Divine Mercy image. In the second you can see the Divine Mercy. What links the two pictures is the guy with the blue short sleeved shirt–Joe.

What is with the beams of light?  It was a perfectly clear and cloudless sunny day.

It looks like the Lord was beaming down on us.

Of course we should remember that a natural explanation is always to be preferred. Those who know about physics and photography can weigh in with explanations.

However, the church teaches that a supernatural explanation should not be ruled out necessarily.

Either way they are cool pictures which remind us of the Lord’s blessing in this beautiful devotion.

Images Ronda Tutino and Katie Orbon. Used with permission.
divine mercy