Interior Crypt GRV 02.04.2014 smallHere is what the proposed Divine Mercy Shrine in the new church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville will look like.

Situated in the Lower Church, the Divine Mercy Shrine will feature small shrines to Pope St John Paul II and St Faustina. In the ambulatory that circles around the back of the shrine will be a place for stations of the cross, memorial prayers and prayer requests. The windows to the outside will be red stained glass so the shrine in the lower church will be a beacon of Divine Mercy to the passing world.

Our church is a few hundred yards from I-85. Eventually we would love to have billboards on the highway inviting people to visit the shrine as they drive North or South on the interstate.

The Shrine in the Lower Church will be a place for daily Mass to be celebrated, Eucharistic Adoration and our parish’s columbarium

Will you help us build this beautiful church? Already readers have made online donations, but I will continue the campaign here on the blog as we conclude the last phase of the capital campaign to build this beautiful traditional church in Greenville, South Carolina.

To complete this phase we need $650,000. Already since starting this final phase in September we have received over $76,000 towards that target.

What can you do to help? Be in touch with me by email if you would like to make a sizable donation and claim one of the beautiful remaining naming opportunities. Email:

Or you can make a donation right now by going to our church website here and donating online.

Every little donation helps, but of course, to reach our target we need some large donations too.

Our Lady of the Rosary is the smallest and poorest parish in Greenville. Located in a part of town with major socio economic problems, we are not only building a beautiful new church, but working hard to extend our charitable outreach to the area. With an already existing food pantry, we are also about to open an office of social ministry with a social worker and community nurse.

The Divine Mercy Shrine and the beautiful church is all part of a wider ministry of our parish.

Please will you help by making a donation here? Do you know someone the Lord has blessed materially and is very well off? Can you share this mission with them?

Think about it for a moment. If, like me, you lament the poor modern Catholic architecture, the cheaply built, circus tent churches and the large, anonymous preaching halls that pass for Catholic churches in America, don’t you want to do something about that?

Here we are building a beautiful, traditional, Romanesque church with a new Shrine to the Divine Mercy to reach out to many, many people.

Don’t sit on your wallet! Donate today at our webpage here.