The Daily Telegraph reports here that the Druid religion has now been officially recognized by the British authorities. This will should please Anglicans of a liberal stripe and give them another religion with which they can ‘demonstrate Unity’.

I can just hear old Archdeacon Huffington-Post…”I mean, one would want to say that in some sort of way it’s a good thing isn’t it? We can’t really exclude Druids can we, after all, while they may not wish to be baptized or express faith in Christ can we say that these things are so vitally important? Might a Druid, in many ways, not be a better ‘Christian’ than many of those who call themselves ‘CofE’ but never give it a moment’s thought? There is, after all, no objective theology, and are not all religions simply a different cultural construct which offers, as it were, a metaphor for certain metaphysical concepts which cannot be objectified? If this is so, and without being exclusive or dogmatic in any way of course, I would propose that if it is not true (as such) then it is certainly a workable suggestion which, in its own way, might offer a way forward to a new understanding and a fresh co operation between Druids and Anglicans for are we not both ancient religions of these same British Isles, and do we not, in our own particular ways have the same vision? When I sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ am I not one with the ancient Druid who worships the sacred oak and when I worship the Son of God am I not closely aligned with he who worships the Sun God?”