Guest blogger, Duane Mandible is a contributing editor to The Truth Hurts, a bi-monthly journal of politics, economics and opinion. He also contributes regularly to Freedom Monthly; Illuminations and The Sojourner. Duane is the author of Guns and Knives will Save Your Children’s Lives. He is Vice President of the Sacred Society of St Philibustre, and enjoys hunting rattlesnakes, square dancing and watching re runs of comedy classics. He is unmarried.

It has been some time since I have been able to continue this regular column. I have been away from my desk attending a very important conference in Idaho. The conference was organized by the Sacred Society of St Philibustre–which seeks to promote the authentic practice of correct Catholic liturgy and discipline. All of our worship is in Latin according to the Western Rite of the Ambrosian Rubrics (non-collegian). One of our other aims is to alert the world of the underlying Kabbalistic Jewish plot to control the one world order.

I comment today on the disturbing, but not surprising news that the ‘Catholic’ theologian Joseph Ratzinger is visiting a synagogue. (or ‘sin-agogue’ as one of my friends likes to call it) Part of our work at the Sacred Society of St Philibustre is to reveal to Vatican II ‘Catholics’ just who is leading their church. Joseph Ratzinger appears to be a traditionalist, but beneath the ornate chasubles and miters he is clearly a Jewish sympathizer like his predecessor the Polish pope. I understand from his eminence Cardinal Williamson that Joseph Ratzinger actually enjoys the decadent film The Sound of Music and that he has even been heard humming the Bavarian national anthem, Edelweiss. This is part of his elaborate ruse to make people think he is a German sympathizer while all the time he is working for the international Jewish conspiracy. Ratzinger has also moved Pope Pius XII forward to being a saint. We now know that his ‘Pope’ who once pretended to be in favor of the German solution, was all the time hiding Jews and helping them to escape.

At the conference we learned that the Jewish Zionist conspiracy was behind virtually every revolution and act of bloodshed in since the death of Christ. It turns out that Idi Amin was one of the ‘African Jews’ and that Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung also had Jewish blood. Also, I think Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand are Jewish liberals. Another Jew who has infiltrated the Hollywood elite is the actress Whoopie Goldberg who clearly has a Jewish name. Also ‘Dear Abby’ who writes the famous newspaper column about good manners called Protocol of Zion. Each of these are very high in the internationalist reptilian order along with Queen Elizabeth of England and the kabbalist rock star and Vatican 2 Catholic Madonna.

At the conference we heard from the British scholar Dr. Mephisto Farbington-Smythe MA (Oxon), (PhD. Oral Roberts University) who gave a fascinating history of the term ‘hoodwinked’. Apparently it goes back to the medieval custom of monastic hoods (started by the Knights Templar) and is carried over into today’s ‘fashion’ that young ‘hoodlums’ have of wearing hooded sweatshirts. Dr. Farbington-Smythe gave a convincing argument that these street gangs will be the shock troops of the Jew led New World Order and that they will have specific orders to assassinate traditionalist Catholics.

I have also heard from another scholar who has written a paper with a full bibliography and references that the recent earthquake in Haiti was intentionally caused by the Jewish Zionist conspiracy in order to kill as many Catholics as possible. This was caused by them setting off a nuclear explosion from a submarine in the Meditterranean Sea in which Haiti is situated. The fact that this has been ignored by the mainstream media only shows how much total control the Jewish Zionist conspiracy has over the media outlets.

America! It is time to wake up!