Another report on drunken Britain. What really tickles me about this article is that the drunken state of Britain is blamed on “stronger drinks and larger glasses”.

“Oh deary me!” says the nice English chap down the pub. “I seem to have found myself in the gutter drunk again! Whatever could have happened? Why I believe it was simply the fact that that glass of beer was larger than before!”
Those who live in Britain today will admit that the public drunkenness has reached epidemic proportions. You daren’t go downtown on a Friday or Saturday evening for fear of the gangs of aggressive drunken louts–the most obscene of which are often the females. But the disease is just as endemic amongst the polite classes–they just do their drinking at home.
What is the cause of societal alcoholism? G.K.Chesterton famously said that every argument is a theological argument. The cause of alcoholism to the level you find it in Western Europe today is the same cause as alcoholism in the Soviet Union twenty years ago: atheism.
It works like this: atheism=nihilism=there is nada=despair=”let’s eat drink and (at least try to) be merry for tomorrow we die”. In other words Dawkins and Drunkens are drinking buddies.