Read this article from the Daily Telegraph to learn how Wicca is not only attracting more and more women, but how feminism in the ‘Christian’ Protestant Churches is gradually changing the theology from Christianity to open paganism.

Those of us who were opposed to women priests in the Anglican church years ago predicted that it would eventually lead to paganism. I can remember referring to women priests as ‘priestesses’ only to have the proponents say, “Oh you mustn’t call us ‘priestess’!” “Why not?” “Because it sounds so pagan.” “But it is pagan.Let’s call a spade a spade.” At that point lady priest goes off in a huff.

Well, it’s all coming out in the open now, and lest you think the reporter is picking up an extreme example from the lunatic fringe, he quotes from Episcopal Bishop Kate Shori’s opening address referring to the Mother Goddess. I can tell you that when I was an Anglican priest twenty years ago even then they were changing the liturgy every chance they got to remove references to God as Father, Jesus as Son and infiltrating references to ‘Mother God’, creating new feminist canticles and ‘psalms’, and even trying to put readings from the ‘gospel’ of Mary Magdalene into the lectionary.

Why should the open paganism of casting spells and having a ‘Eucharist’ of milk and raisin cake (as per the article) surprise anyone? Let’s be honest. It’s witchcraft, and to use a current turn of phrase, “You can put lipstick on a witch, but she’s still a witch.”