Much has been spouted about Sarah Palin’s lack of experience, but do you know what? You can buy experience. You can buy brains. You can buy advice, and every President has the best that money can buy.

What you can’t buy is integrity, guts, brains, passion and chutzpah. Sarah Palin seems to have all that and more. Furthermore, her youth and lack of experience is actually likely to make her more reliant on the expert advice and experience of others. She is far more likely to be a consultative leader than some macho guy who thinks he knows it all.
Also, what does the VP actually do? Precious little. She seems to be a pretty quick learner. Provided McCain doesn’t fall dead two weeks after inauguration, she’d have plenty of time to learn the ropes, figure out who to trust, do her homework and get ready for office.
‘Lack of experience’ is far more likely to hurt the Democrats than the Republicans. The Democrats have it backwards. If you’re going to have youth and inexperience the candidate should be the VP, not on the top of the ticket. Of course, my arguments above could apply pretty well to Obama too. This being the case, I think the ‘lack of experience’ arguments are going to fade.
The real nail biter is going to be the Veep debates between Palin and Biden. I’ll bet that Palin will come out fighting, that even now she’s doing her homework, and that she’ll surprise everyone. She’s got that ole Moose in her sights. I only hope he’s underestimating her.