prayerMy first article for an excellent new website is published today. Those Catholic Men  is a site dedicated to helping strengthen Catholic men in their vocation and calling.

The man who never made a mistake never made anything. Likewise, the man who never takes a risk never gets ahead. Whether it is starting your own business, getting engaged, pursuing your dream career, getting a great education or achieving athletic greatness, if you don’t take a risk you don’t take the prize.

This is why the story of Peter walking on the waves is one of my favorite encounters with Christ. Despite the storms, Peter had to get up, see the situation, hear the call of Christ and risk everything to go wave walking. In every area of life, to succeed taking a risk is necessary, and yet in the area of our spiritual life we too often do just the opposite.

Jesus Christ presents each of us with a challenge and a call. Will we step out of the boat to walk on the waves with him? Will we leave everything to follow Christ? The problem with too many Catholics is that we have forgotten this primary call to discipleship and have settled for a religion in which there is no risk, no call and no challenge.

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