Wil Bernhard

Wil Bernhard

Did you know that college debt keeps a large number of men and women from pursuing their call to the priesthood and religious life?

Most dioceses and religious orders expect their applicants to have a college degree, but that means the young men and women turn up with both a degree and college debt.

Wil Berhnard is one of them. Wil is soon to graduate from Aquinas College in Nashville and has been accepted as a postulant for the Eastern Province of the Dominicans.

I met Wil when his family lived in Greenville, SC and have followed his studies and travels as he moved step by step towards the priesthood. Now he is ready to join the growing band of young men who are following Christ in the way of St Dominic.

The problem is, he has college debt and he can’t join until the debt is cleared.

He is working with the Labore Society to help raise funds. The Labore Society put together a financial plan, train the aspirants in fund raising technique and work with them to clear their college debt. Each aspirant is expected to raise $60,000–which is the average amount of college debt.

Wil has another couple of months to raise the funds.

Check out his video here. In the video you can meet Wil and learn about his campaign. There is also a button on the page that says “Give Now”.

Can you help?

Just go to Wil’s page and use the Give Now button.