My book Listen My Son- St Benedict for Fathers is a book of daily readings for dads. Well, it’s good for moms too, and it’s especially useful as one of those books that Moms buy for Dads.

In Benedictine monasteries and convents they read a chunk of the Rule of St Benedict every day. I took those daily readings and then wrote an application to family life for each day. We call the family the domestic church. It might just as well be called the domestic monastery for there we live together in Christian community with people we didn’t choose. We may have chosen our spouse, but our kids are a gift.

The Rule of St Benedict gives practical advice for monks living together in the fifth century, and that same advice applies today. Of course there are some details like “do not sleep with your knife under your garments lest you cut yourself when you roll over” and there’s not much there on the proper use of laptops and cell phones. But the underlying wisdom is rooted in the Scriptures, the life of the Spirit and a deep understanding of human psychology.

You can get a copy here.