angry_catMy friend told me a story of the time they had a mother cat with a litter of kittens in the house.

They came home and a stray dog walked through the door.

He saw the storm coming and hurried the dog out the door, but not before it brushed against his wife’s leg.

Momma cat came tearing out the door, took one sniff of the wife’s leg and attacked it like it was the hound of hell itself.

Wife is screaming. Kids are crying.

The cat from hell is biting and scratching, so Dad takes action.

He admits, “I just reacted on instinct. I grabbed the cat, but then it started going for me. It was not pretty so I drop kicked the kitty and it hit the wall.”

The cat, unfortunately experienced severe PTSD and was never quite right.

A friend adopted the poor creature, but it wasn’t happy and the Southern boy that he was said to my friend, “Somethings wrong with that cat. Somebody’s got at that cat.”

True enough.

The devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, and Lent is the time we do battle with the beast.

Ash Wednesday is February 10. Are you ready?

You should plan to “Get at that cat.”–the old wily wildcat who is the ancient serpent and the father of lies.

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PS: do not interpret this post as advocating cruelty to animals…

Image Creative Commons via Bing