jesusMy latest blog post at National Catholic Register tries to calm you down in the midst of the Christmas rush.

Whew! Have you encountered the shopping mall, main street and the Christmas rush?

There is a kind of panicked grasping after material happiness. Not only do we want to pack the tree with goodies, we want to pack our stomachs with feasting and pack our homes with family happiness.

It’s all wonderful and far be it from me from to be a Scrooge, but beneath it all there sometimes lurks a deep unhappiness that we are trying desperately to fill.

What is it that makes us so restless and so unhappy?

Some say it is desire. The root of all unhappiness is desire. We desire what we do not have, and we desire more what we cannot have. But what is at the root of that desire?

I think it is something else.

It is fear: the nameless fear in the middle of the night. It is the fear that haunts our waking hours as a gnawing restlessness that focuses itself in desire.

We desire as we hunger and we don’t know what we desire or for what we hunger and that desire and restlessness is rooted in fear.

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