…it’s off to school we go.

St Joseph’s starts up on Thursday. This week we finished faculty orientation, lots of meetings, last minute this and that, and tomorrow new student orientation.
I count myself very lucky to be part of St Joseph’s Catholic School. It’s a terrific school, started fifteen years ago by a group of visionary laypeople with lots of faith and $800.00 in the bank. We now have a 38 acre campus and about 540 students in grades 6-12. The ethos of the school is ‘dynamic orthodoxy’. In other words, we are faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church in all things, but we hope to do so with a sense of humor, a vibrant intellectual life, a good sense of community, while cultivating a real heart of compassion and concern for every aspect of our children’s lives.
You can learn more about St Joseph’s here. Take time to look through the galleries. Our faculty, staff and students are terrific, and it shows.