Here I am at Camp Granada.  Or at least was….and it was Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga

This week I:
  1. Said Mass daily for campers and staff
  2. Heard a good number of informal, “Could you please hear my confession father…” confessions. It’s always a joy when a young person actually asks for confession.
  3. Played Santa Claus in camp’s Christmas in July celebration
  4. Read lots of Flannery O’Connor
  5. Read a biography of St Maximillian Kolbe
  6. Led Eucharistic Adoration for the camp staff
  7. Went on a climbing expedition and climbed a wall
  8. Went on an overnight camping expedition, with my son
  9. Ate wild blueberries, 
  10. Saw beautiful mountains
  11. Got soaked when it rained at three in the morning
  12. Got more soaked hiking back out of the woods
  13. Swam in a lake
  14. Played the Grail Knight (you have chosen wisely) in camp’s ‘Indiana Jones Quest’
  15. Counseled a few folks with personal problems
  16. Viewed a food fight
  17. Said prayers for healing with a kid who came off his mountain bike and bit the dust–literally. His face was messed up real bad and the doctors later in the week were amazed at how quick he was healing up.
  18. Saw a gal get thrown into the lake
  19. Took my daughter to Dolly’s Dairy Bar for ice cream and a cream soda
  20. Spoke to two Baptists and one Episcopalian who think Catholicism is the best and want to convert
  21. Slept a lot