crescatMy friend Katrina is the feisty blogger known as The Crescat.

She’s a divorced single mom supporting her son and Mom in a grueling, low paid job.

She’s also a good Catholic convert–doing everything she can to soldier on through her difficulties.

Could you give her some help? Her old car is just about to give up the ghost and she’s trying to raise just $5,000 on Go Fund Me to get a new set of wheels.

My first response was, “Only $5,000? What kind of car are you going to get for $5K? I’ve been shopping for cars. We are now a six driver family and we’re all going in different directions all at once, and I can tell you, a car costs  at least $10K. You get one for $5K and you’ll soon pay the other $5K in repairs and fixits to keep the thing on the road.”

I’ve pitched in to help Kath.

Can you?

Go here and make your donation. Make it your Lenten almsgiving how bout it?