First the Dark Lord tells everyone that marriage doesn’t matter. “It’s only a piece of paper!” they cried. He encourages promiscuity, sexual ‘freedom’, adultery, fornication and co-habitation. “Marriage? What’s Marriage? Just an outdated institution to keep women barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen.” Let’s get rid of marriage. Let’s make divorce no-fault, cheap and easy. Marry as many times as you want, but marriage? It’s only a piece of paper.

Once that lie is firmly established simply shift it the other way around. “Marriage? We all want to be married!” Women want to marry each other. Men want to marry each other. Marriage is wonderful! Why are you denying me the right to be married! I want to be married too! I deserve to be married! I want to be married and spend the rest of my life with the person I love! Marriage! Marriage! It’s a wonderful thing marriage! We all want to be married!

This is the tactic: First destroy the sacred, the beautiful and the true, then once you’ve replaced it with a lie make sure everyone wants it. The same thing happened with ordination. “The Church is clerical! All those clergy! We want to de-clericalize the church! Get rid of the hierarchy! Don’t you know the Bible teaches the ‘priesthood of ALL believers! You don’t need a priest to confess. You can go straight to God. Those priests! They’re all misogynistic pedophiles! Priests! Creepy old guys in dirty cassocks. Yucch! Who wants to be a priest? Nobody. Seminaries are empty. Good. Ordination is outdated…”

Then the proponents of women priests say, “Why can’t we be priests? We want to be priests too? How can you deny our gifts? We want equal rights! We should be ordained too. We should be priests. How can you deny married men the priesthood? Don’t you know the first priests were married? Don’t you know there is evidence that there were women priests in the early church?? I mean there is a picture of a person in the catacombs who might be a woman who has her hands raised in prayer just like a priest!!!”

That’s why you have to stick to the truth. You start giving in to the protesters–the people who scream and bitch and moan and complain? As soon as you do they’ll turn the tables and get you for exactly the opposite fault.

Don’t appease bullies–especially if they’re being nice.