This article from CNA combines Hilary Clinton’s visit to Guadalupe, where she had a special viewing of the miraculous image with news that she is to receive Planned Parenthood’s highest award–the Margaret Sanger award.

The irony of all this is thick enough to cut with a knife. OL of Guadalupe (as Hilary probably didn’t know) is pictured pregnant and is she is therefore not only the patroness of the Americas, but patroness of the pro life movement. Hilary Clinton says to the Mexicans after her visit to the Basilica in Guadalupe, “You have a marvelous virgin!” Then goes on to receive the Margaret Sanger award for, among other things, supporting federal funding of abortion in Mexico. 
If anyone is in doubt about the hideous Margaret Sanger, check out this article which will bring you up to date on the eugenicist’s racist plan to eliminate black people, disabled people and any other human ‘scum’ ‘Marvelous Margaret deemed unworthy to survive. Check this page for Margaret Sanger’s evil philosophy in her own words. Pat Madrid has this video of Margaret Sanger as well.
So the Pope rehabilitates a person he didn’t know was a holocaust denier, and later apologizes while Hilary Clinton is proud to receive the Margaret Sanger award which magnifies and honors a known eugenicist, racist, supporter of the KKK and nobody blinks.