creativityMy latest article for Intercollegiate Review explains how to be a creative conservative

I know, I know. Conservatives are harsh, judgmental, close-minded, homophobic, misogynist, creationist and fundamentalist Christians who have scrawny girls with buck teeth and meathead boys with zip-up Bibles.

I know, I know. Conservatives are all slightly paranoid about “liberals” and are in a perpetual state of nervous readiness. Prepped for the end, they’re secretive and combative.


It’s perfectly reasonable to be conservative, but I would propose that instead of being a combative conservative, you want to be a creative conservative.

A combative conservative is combative because he or she is feeling threatened and insecure. Think cornered animal. He snarls.

Too often he is also feeling threatened and insecure because he lacks the resources (both innate and educational) to be confident and creative in his approach.

To understand how to be a creative conservative one must first understand what a conservative is and why.

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