…I’d ask Bishop Alan Hopes, a former Anglo Catholic priest who is now auxiliary of Westminster to head up a personal prelature to help integrate Anglicans worldwide into the Catholic Church.

He (along with a team he’d choose) could organize their instruction, the re-training of their clergy, regularize marriages, grant dispensations from the vow of celibacy. He could also organize a clearing house of available former Anglican married priests so they could serve the English speaking Catholic Church worldwide.
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UPDATE: Damian  Thompson writes here in the Catholic Herald feeding the rumor mill that Rome has already agreed an outline plan for there to be special accommodation for Anglo Catholics in England. His suggestions are similar to my ideas in this post. I would just add the possibility that since the Vatican is already in conversation with the Traditional Anglican Communion, that if any arrangements are being made, they would very likely be international in scope rather than a plan just for England.