…they will rule you.

Those who follow the news in Britain will be aware that the Prime Minister is intent on pushing through legislation that allows gay marriage to take place in churches. Full assurances are being given that no one will be forced to marry homosexuals. They are simply allowing it to take place if that is what people want. Uh huh.

Let’s try to remember how this has all unfolded. I lived in England. I remember. The first step was the legalization of homosexual civil unions. “This is not marriage!” the modernizers told us. “This is simply a matter of civil rights and granting homosexual people the same legal protections and rights as heterosexual married people. This is not something which can happen in church. It is not marriage.”

Nevertheless, when homosexual people had their “civil partnerships” in registry offices many of them found sympathetic Anglican vicars, rabbis and Methodists who were happy to conduct informal “blessings” of the civil partnerships. The fact that they were breaking the rules of their own church didn’t matter. They were “brave pioneers” and “prophetic voices against injustice”. They were like Rosa Parks–the ones who were willing to go against the old, harsh, legalistic church establishment to stand up for “freedom and equality.”

Once civil partnerships were accepted followed by blessings in church, the agenda had to be moved on. The language shifted and the term “civil partnership” quietly fell away and “gay marriage” was the term used for what happened in the registry office and the church afterward. Once that milestone was reached the campaign started to allow these “marriages” to take place in church. And why not? If anyone thinks the Church of England will stand firm on this issue they should think again. Already a good number of Anglican vicars conduct blessings of same sex civil unions in church. A fair number of Anglican clergy are open and active homosexuals themselves. I would guess that the majority of diocesan bishops are personally in favor of “gay rights” and wouldn’t have any objection to gay marriages in church. The Archbishop of Canterbury is designate says he too is “listening carefully” to the voices in favor of gay marriage.

This battle is already lost, and if anyone thinks that the assurances, “Of course no one will be forced to conduct a marriage for homosexuals in church if they don’t want to…” have any force they’re living in what the English call “cloud cuckoo land.” Furthermore, the population, both here and in the UK, are largely complacent about the issue. They don’t care if homosexuals get married or care what they do, and they will increasingly view anyone who objects as being a nasty, out of touch, old fashioned, religious bigot on a par with the Ku Klux Klan. Britons increasingly consider marriage to be worthless anyway, so who cares?

The only ones who will hold out will be the Catholics, and when they do they will be persecuted for it.

It used to be that America was five years ahead of England, and whatever was new and modern here eventually found it’s way over there. It’s the reverse now. Americans–what you see in the culture of England will eventually come across the Atlantic this way.

This is what happens when you appease bullies of any kind–whether they are racist bullies, feminist bullies, union bullies, ideological bullies–whatever.

They are never satisfied. They will come back again and again for yet another fight. Let them have their way and suddenly they want something more. This is because their movement and cause (whatever it is) is fueled by rage and suppressed self hatred. (but that’s another story…)

Brace yourselves.