Treated myself to George Weigel’s Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches by George Weigel, Elizabeth Lev (2013) Hardcover

This is simply a splendid book. A full review later, but it is full of accessible and inspiring theology, a tour of ancient Roman churches and a visual feast of the art, architecture and history of Christian Rome. With texts on the “station churches” of Rome by noted art historian Elizabeth Lev, this book lifts Lent.

The book takes you day by day on a pilgrimage to various churches in Rome, it also gives you commentary on the Mass readings and Office of Readings for the day along with pictures of the churches and history of the art and architecture. So far we have visited St Sabina, St George Velabro, SS John and Paul and St Augustine.

After having just been in Rome for a wonderful week in January it makes me want to spend Lent in Rome one year to do the stations churches with a happy band of pilgrims.