volvo wreck…and he contemplates his mortality and materialistic mindset.

I was heading over the church to hear confessions in my seven year old much loved Volvo.

There was a traffic jam and tailback, so I eased down and joined the queue.

Looking in my mirror I see a jalopy of an old Ford Bronco bearing down at some speed.

Too much speed.

Way too much speed.

So I pump my brakes to indicate that we’re stopped. I pump my brakes again and realize it’s too little too late.

The Bronco plows into the back of me–heavy steel front bumper with winch and all.

I am rammed into the hefty pick up in front of me and in an instant my car is wrecked.

I hit my head on the headrest and got a little bump. That’s all.

But once my anger subsided. (On Friday I just spent $1100 on that car) and I waited for the police and the tow truck and all the rest, I stopped.

It can all happen that fast, or faster and it could have been much worse.

And so we could go so quickly to the other side.

Was I prepared? I hope so. I trust in the mercy…and try to make a good confession.

Then I’m thinking further. I was driving a good, solid, safe car, but it was seven years old and I’ll only get about $6,000 for it.

Bummer. Then I’m wondering whether I liked that car too much. It was a smooth car and I liked it.

So I’ll have to drive something more modest because with six drivers at home and college coming up for three in the fall I can’t afford a better car.

I guess it won’t do me any harm to drive a clunker.

But I’m still mad at the old guy in the beat up Ford Bronco. He drove away with no more than a dented bumper and a winch that won’t work.

So I’ll shut up and count my blessings. I’m alive and unhurt and it’s only a car.

I wonder if I should get a 1983 Ford Bronco…