Michael3Lent is coming up and I’m finally getting down to Paul Thigpen’s excellent Manual for Spiritual Warfare.

This little book is the best I’ve found on the subject. Paul launches into the subject of spiritual warfare with clear explanations, solid research and simple language.

This is an area where both cynicism, sensationalism and superstition usually take over. Paul avoids all  there pitfalls. He takes spiritual warfare seriously but does not sensationalize the battle with Satan or allow himself to drift into superstition or over simplification.

This would be an excellent book to read during Lent.

It’s one I will keep by my side in the confessional. It will be a reminder of why I’m there and a source book for deliverance and healing.

The first part–Preparing for Battle explains the background for spiritual warfare, give the Scriptural and theological information about demons and sets the stage for engagement.

Part two provides weapons for battle. It is chock full of passages from the Scriptures and Psalms, the writings of the saints, the teaching of the Church and finally prayers, devotions and prayers for deliverance.

As the darkness deepens in our society books like this will become ever more necessary. Paul’s other extraordinary book The Burden: A warning of things to come outlines some of the gathering darkness in our society today.

A genuine weapon to keep in your hand and to use is Thomas Sullivan’s astounding and beautiful Warrior’s Rosary. I met Tom when I was at EWTN doing some work. He told me about his project and sent me a couple of his rosaries. They are designed to engage your prayers with the prayers of warrior saints like St Ignatius, St King Louis, St Michael and St George. I use mine daily and it is fast becoming one of my favorite rosaries. Go here to learn more about them.

Robert Abel runs the Catholic Warriors website which has great online resources, a collection of books for Catholic spiritual warfare and online prayers and resources. Go here to connect.

Dan Burke’s Spiritual Direction.com website has a number of excellent articles about demons, theology and spiritual warfare. Go here.

Spiritual warfare might seem like only a manly topic. We shouldn’t forget the valiant warrior spirit of saints like Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena and Therese of Lisieux.Therese of Lisieux: God’s Gentle Warrior is a good book focusing on the Little Flower who said, “Sanctity! It must be won at the point of a sword!” Don’t forget my own book on St Benedict and St Therese.

Speaking of St Benedict, don’t forget that the St Benedict medal is a powerful sacramental in spiritual warfare. Go here to get medals online and St Benedict crucifixes.

warrior rosaryIf you’re looking for Lenten readings that help you counter the work of the devil please consider The Gargoyle Code-my Screwtape Letters type book which provides a reading for every day during Lent. The tempter Slubgrip gives advice to a junior devil on how to tempt his young Catholic patient.

My new book Slubgrip Instructs is a sequel to The Gargoyle CodeSlubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. As he lectures his scrofulous students on how to undermine the culture with evil he also plots with his fiendish friend Knobswart how to take over the university.

These books bring serious teaching to the reader through an entertaining method. Slubgrip Instructs is also an excellent read for college students–countering the secular and atheistic teaching prevalent in so many colleges today.

They’re just as serious as Thigpen’s manual, but provide a lighter touch to a tough subject.

St Benedict–the great warrior against the devil–said that everyone should read a good book during Lent.

Connect through and get hold of these for yourselves and others.