teaching-2Pope Francis has been quoted saying, “Fundamentalism is a sickness.”

Hey. I’m a graduate of Bob Jones University. Tell me about fundamentalism…

Joking aside, is fundamentalism a sickness?

I agree. Fundamentalism is a sickness, but that depends of your definition of fundamentalism.

I’d say fundamentalism has several characteristics. First is an extreme literalism about religion and religious texts and teachings. This is also combined with legalism–in which adherence to the moral code and strict rules become the be all and end all of the religion. Thirdly, fundamentalism is also marked by a tendency to paranoia, blaming others and eventually scapegoating others. Fourthly, fundamentalism has a fortress mentality in which those on the inside are the true, right and righteous believers. Those on the outside are infidels, apostates, heretics, the damned and the lost. Fifthly, fundamentalism is, as a result of all this, an unhappy, frightened and often angry place to be.

OK. That’s done. Fundamentalism is a sickness.

Now let’s look at progressivism, because classic progressivism is also a sickness. Progressivism is the opposite sickness of fundamentalism. It is tied back to back to fundamentalism like two madmen strapped together.

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