Here are some spoof excerpts from a recent politically correct Stations of the Cross.

Actually, one of the paragraphs below is the real thing. A prize for the readers who can spot the authentic eco station.

In the station ‘Veronica Meets Jesus on the Way to the Cross’ Isobel Florsheim portrayed Veronica as a native Amazonian woman emerging from a hardwood tree. Veronica’s face is seen within one part of the tree trunk and it then merges into the image of Christ. Isobel’s caption reads, “The suffering Christ is one with the sufferings of the native Amazonian tribes as their ecosystem is destroyed by the forces of unrestrained greed. Christ’s image is merged with the hardwood tree in identification with the ‘crucifixion’ of the Amazon rain forest, the destruction of mankind’s last Eden.”

In the station “Jesus Is Removed from the Cross,” Catherine Symens-Bucher, Anne’s daughter who is now a junior at Bishop O’Dowd High School, painted Earth as a broken eggshell, with brilliant green butterflies emerging. The commentary reads: “A new paradigm is emerging. Our focus turns now to seeing ourselves differently. We see ourselves now as part of an integral natural world and no longer as the masters of nature. May we gently lift Earth off the cross of human domination and unreflective greed. May we know the joy and freedom of a world community.”

In the station, “Jesus falls for the Third Time,” Bryce O’Reilly, a high school sophomore, created a three dimensional model of a nuclear power plant in meltdown. Behind the mythical power plant was a photograph of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl representing the first two times Jesus fell. Bryce wrote his own commentary for his station which reads, “I think when the nuclear power plants blow up it is kind of like Jesus falling down. When he falls down its like the whole world is crashing in and it makes everyone very sad.”

In the station, “Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem” Nadine Swahala, a junior at Bishop O’Flanagan High, created a liturgical dance with four of her friends. Jesus, played by Jeanette Dworkin, is surrounded by three dancers dressed in leotards– one brown, one blue and one green. The dancers uphold ‘Jesus’ on his way of suffering. Nadine explains, “The three dancers represent the Holy Trinity of earth, water and growing things. As they go with Jesus, they share his grief and sadness. Eventually they die with him. Then they all rise gently together and Jesus is brought back to life by his three friends.” Nadine said, “My family is Hindu, and I don’t see any difference between what we are taught at Bishop O’Flanagan and our Hindu faith.”

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UPDATE: The authentic eco station is number two. Brad, Bernadette, and Niggle your prize of $10,000.00 will be sent as soon as I receive a royalty check in that amount.