Pope John Paul gets to the pearly gates and St Peter says, “Well, it’s good to see you, but you know you were a bit hard on the women down there. They wanted to be priests and so forth, but you kept them down. So your penance is to walk around down there for a time with this woman.

An old feminist nun comes out. She’s ugly as sin. She’s got a voice like a screech owl. She’s wearing a polyester pantsuit. She takes John Paul’s arm and as they walk along a circle of purgatory she berates him…”You’re a misogynist. You’ve got problems with women.” She shakes her finger and gives him a proper old earful. He nods and goes along and tries to be patient. As they walk along he sees George Carey tripping along with Marilyn Monroe on his arm. John Paul sees this and wonders what is going on.

Next time he comes around to St Peter he says, “Look Father. I tried my best. I kept women’s ordination out of the Catholic Church, and this is my reward? What about that George Carey. He gave in to the feminists. He ordained women and now look where his church is. He did all that and I get this harridan and he gets to walk along with Marilyn Monroe??!! What’s up?”

St Peter says, “It’s none of your business what penance I give Marilyn Monroe.