Episcopal Presiding Bishop Kate (Kitty) Jefferts-Schori has come out swinging against those who are against the trend of the Episcopal Church becoming a gay-lesbi-trans religious sect. You can read the whole story here.

In response to the Diocese of San Joaquin’s withdrawal from the Protestant denomination, Kitty has inhibited the Diocesan bishop from all priestly and episcopal functions. He’s taking no notice. Neither is the Bishop of Pittsburgh. Funny how those who blame the Catholic Church for being autocratic and dictatorial are happy to throw plenty of punches when they need to.

There are a couple of other rather strange things about this whole phenomenon. Has anyone noticed that Bishop Kitty is seeking to inhibit the Bishops in question from performing their roles in her church, but they have already decided to leave her church? It’s like a disappointed customer walking out of a restaurant and the owner following him out into the street saying, “That does it! I’m kicking you out of my restaurant.”

The other upside down thing about the Episcopalian hierarchy ‘disciplining’ the conservative dissidents is that it reveals the true depth of difference between the present Episcopal/Anglican leadership and the Catholic faith. In the Catholic faith we discipline clergy who espouse and defend homosexuality. In the Episcopal Church they discipline those who do not espouse and defend homosexuality.

Lest I get lots of comments saying, “Come on Father, you know there are lots of homosexual Catholic priests…” While this may be so, and it may be right that some of our seminaries are pink, the fact remains that Catholics are dismayed by such things. We’re not making it church policy and kicking out all those who will not accept as bishop a man named Vicky who divorced his wife to marry his boyfriend.