Here’s a spirited debate by two members of the Church of England on whether or not to have women bishops.

If you are opposed to this innovation, take time to read George Pitcher’s arguments in favor. It’s a good exercise in trying to understand the other side’s point of view.
Most of all, take time to see how he deals with the New Testament passages which those against women’s ordination use as their proof texts.
You’ll begin to understand why, in any church debate, Scripture on its own is insufficient. Both sides simply have different interpretations of the same verses. Both interpretations, when properly explained, seem very plausible. So who decides? In the Anglican Church it comes down to a vote in synod, which means that they play politics until one side gets the result it wants.
The vote is on Monday in the Church of England General Synod. If it is defeated the proponents of women’s consecration to the episcopate will simply re-group and try again next time. If it goes through the opponents of women bishops will call for a ‘lady bishop free enclave’ or they will leave the Church of England for the Catholic Church or one of the Anglican breakaway churches. If they lose, what neither side is likely to do is say, “Well, the Holy Spirit has spoken through the General Synod. I suppose I must change my mind and accept it.” 
UPDATE: Here’s a blog I found which features lady bishops from all sorts of Protestant denominations worldwide. Bishop Elizabeth of the Liberal Catholic Church and Bishop Patricia of the Community Catholic Church of Canada are my favorites. 

One of the neat things about this blog is that Bishop Jefferts Schori is listed (as she should be) along with obvious fruitcakes who operate with a website and using their garage as their cathedral. All of them grinning happily and wearing all the episcopal clobbber and claiming to have valid orders.