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If I were the King dilly dilly, You’d be my Queen.’
“Where is ‘Mary Queen of Heaven’ in the Bible?” the Protestant asks.

There’s no neat little proof text I’m afraid, but Mary as Queen of Heaven is woven through the whole Bible. From the Old Testament psalms which we sing on the feast of the Assumption to the passage in Revelation 12 where the Mother of the Redeemer is seen crowned with twelve stars and the moon under her feet.
The Old Testament pictures are a pointer to Mary Queen of Heaven and the Revelation image is a fulfillment of her role. The two are met in today’s gospel–the story of the Annunciation. 
There the angel Gabriel–a messenger direct from heaven itself–says that Mary’s son will be the Savior and Lord and will inherit the throne of his Father David. This makes Jesus the King of Israel, and ultimately the King of Heaven. When we understand that in the ancient Middle East the Queen of the Kingdom was often the King’s mother–not his wife (because he was likely to have loads of wives and concubines) then it becomes clear that Mary the Mother of Christ also becomes the Queen Mother. If he’s the King of Heaven, she must be the Queen.